12 days in paradise goes by fast (way too fast!!). It´s now time for us to say goodbye 
to Tanzania (buhu we really liked it here...) and say hello to Zambia!

We´ve had such a good time here in Zanzibar and can highly recommend anyone going here 
for vacation (if you are the kind of person who likes crystal clear turquoise water, 
white beaches and a chill vibe!)

Since our last post we´ve taken scuba diving licence (PADI) and been to a full moon party 
in the north of the island. Taking the PADI was a lot of fun and even though we didn´t 
see thaaat many unique animals we still saw a sea turtle and a lion fish :) (Rabi almost 
finished his oxygen tube out of excitement when he saw the turtle...). We were 3 ppl doing
the PADI course togheter, we were joined by Angelica which is a cool swiss girl :D
Some pictures from the diving.

The full moon party wasn´t that special actually. Basically just a regular party but with 
a bit more people. 

We have both really enjoyed our time here in Zanzibar! Now sitting with a beer in our hands 
in Stonetown, gazing out over the Indian Ocean and waiting on the ferry to take us to 
Dar Es Salaam, we are both reflecting on how we our coming back here in the 
future (with a respective next time of course! ;)

Zanzibar is a awesome place with some awesome people but now we are of to our next 
destination: Zambia and Victoria falls!! :)


Right now we´re just hanging out in Zanzibar. We spend two days of exploring in Stone Town 
which was pretty cool. Then we went to the east coast of Zanzibar to just chill. 

We currently live in an awesome hostel and everything is just great. The sand at the beach 
is like flour. It´s white and you can't hardly see any corns. The ocean has a perfect 
turquoise colour and of course the sun is doing it´s thaaang. The atmosphere at the hostel 
is super chill, we could easily have spent a whole month here... 

We just said goodbye to Damien which was a bit sad, but hopefully it wont be 2,5 years 
until next time we meet again :)

Will start our diving course tomorrow. I had some free hotel nights that are about to expire, 
so we booked the coming 4 nights at a luxury resort right by the diving center! Flashbackers ;)

During this days in Zanzibar we wont doing much blog posting. The reason for that is 
pretty obvious....Who wants to sit by the computer when you´re in paradise? ;)

See you soon! (sneak peak pictures)



Climbing Kilimanjaro was something both Rabi and I was really looking forward to. Sitting
here at the hotel afterwards it´s hard to realize that we actually did climb Africas 
highest mountain. I could write a whole essay about the hike and go through day by day 
but i´ll try to describe it rather briefly.

Warning - long post!!

Neither Rabi or me had done much hiking/ trekking/ mountain climbing before so we were very 
excited and a bit worried at the same time cause we had no idea what to expect. 
Our equipment were checked on the night before the start of the hike and we didn´t have to 
rent that much stuff. The only mistake we did was that we didn't rent proper sleeping bags, 
we only rented sleeping linen which would supposed to be enough but it turned out later that 
the nights were really cold and we ended up freezing most nights...

On the evening before the start of the hike, we met up with my australian friend, the one 
and only Damien Mickenbecker!!! :D We studied in Berlin together 2,5 years ago so it´s been 
a while since we last met. He will also join us to Zanzibar after the hike.

We were 9 people in our group climbing Kilimanjaro together. On the staff side we had 4 
guides, 2 chefs and 22 porters with other various tasks. While hiking we only had a daypack 
carrying ourselves containing water, camera, some snacks and extra clothes. All other 
equipment did the porters carry for us.

We did the route called Lemosho which is supposed to be one of the tougher ones but also a 
lot nicer from a scenic perspective. The first day we didn´t go for very long, about 2,5 
hours until we reached the first camp. We walked for about 4-6 hours every day and we had 
a pretty slow pace, which was good cause the body needs the extra time to acclimatize to 
the altitude.

Climbing Kilimanjaro isn´t a walk in the park. You don't need to be the fittest person in 
the world to make it to the top, but you do need to have the right mental attitude. It´s 
truly a challenge which we didn't expect to be that tough.

Most people experience some kind of minor altitude sickness and the most common one is 
headache. From the 4th day into the hike I think the whole group had it until we came back 
down from the summit.

We were supposed to do the climbing in 8 days but we ended up doing it on 7 days cause on 
the 5th day when we would do a acclimatization day we skipped that day cause everyone was 
feeling well and making a try to the summit one day before would mean that we´d had 
another day to reach the summit if we´d fail on the first try.

On the summit day they woke us up at 00.00 to get ready and start hiking at 01.00. The 
reason for that is that we could be at the top and watch the sunrise. The last walk up
to the top was steep. Walking in the pitch black with only your headlamp as guiding light 
was really cool (you didn't think that until afterwards). At this point everyone was very 
tired, cold and exhausted cause the last days there hasn't been much sleep or much food 
(the appetite often decreases the higher altitude you´re on), so we were very low on energy.
The temptation of quitting at this point is very tempting...luckily none of us are quitters.

The altitude has a weird effect on the body. Taking a 20 cm step forward made you feel like 
you´d just ran a marathon. You became very tired for almost no effort at all and it was 
going on like that for about 6 hours.

Suddenly it started to get a bit brighter. You looked back and could see a silhouette of 
the mountain as the sun began to rise. We kept on walking and for every step we took the 
ground became brighter and brighter. At the point when we almost didn't have any energy 
left, the sun came. We all sat down to look at the sunrise and it was just breathtaking. 
Watching the earth´s curvature with all the clouds very far down and seeing the sunrise....
theres no words for that.

As we all gained some more energy from the sun, we continued the walk up to the summit. 
This part was extremely hard but eventually we arrived to Stella Point, which was the first 
top we reached. We all sat down for a while to rest and while resting I began to feel nausea 
and five seconds later my small breakfast was lying on the ground in front of me. If you 
think this would change my mind to reach Uhuru Point (the highest point of the mountain), 
think again. We only had 45 min left of walking to Uhuru and i started to lose my balance. 
So the last bit I had to have help walking cause my feet wouldn´t obey my head (very weird 
feeling). Eventually we reached the Uhuru Point and for the first time in our lives it 
actually felt like we accomplished something great. Our minds was just overwhelmed with 
feelings and thoughts.

We didn't stay for ver long until we began to go down again. Some hours later we were back
 to the camp were we began our last climb and everyone took a nap for some hours. After 
the nap we walked for about 4 hours more to reach a lower altitude before bedtime. The next 
day we came back to the hotel were it all started and we were all looking forward to a nice 
hot meal (we had pizza) and a hot shower. After that we passed out for a couple of hours 
before heading out to the night club. You gotta celebrate that you´ve been on Africas 
highest mountain, right? ;)

Some pictures from the hike :)

Truly an amazing experience that we most probably wont be doing again.
 Next stop...ZANZIBAAAAAAR!!!

One team, one dream!

As we promised yesterday we would upload our first video on the blog! The video covers our 
visit in Uganda (excluding the Gorilla trekking which will be a video of its own!). The 
actual editing was real fun and we'll just get better and faster at creating them in the 

Anyways its with great pride we introduce to you the next blockbuster movie:


Our 12 days camping safari trough out Kenya and Tanzania came to an end today... :( Being 
out in the wilderness of Africa amongst the animals, in a Maasai village sitting around the 
campfire and listening to the cheif talking about their history and culture and then 
sleeping under the stars, capture the first glimpse of sunlight on the Savannah and getting 
some real "African massage" (bumpy roads) together with some really cool people is just way 
too much fun/awesomeness to put down into words!!! Sitting in that car, watching the animals 
and just trying to absorb the scenery at same time is just something we will never forget. 
Of course the pictures wont justify our experience but as always we will upload some for you!

We've done a lot of filming with the GoPro camera, but since our schedule has been really 
busy with all the planned activities we had for Africa we haven't had the time to create 
any movies yet. During our 2,5 weeks of travels (wow time really flies!)  this is actually 
our second only day that we havent had anything planned! We have been working on a video, 
but since neither me or Rabi has made any movie before it takes a bit of a time... 
But we are uploading the movie as we speak :D (The video covers our first days in Uganda)

Tomorrow we travel to Moshi (a small town) to prepare for our climb to the summit of 
Kilimanjaro! This is also our last pre-planned activity for Africa.

Hope you will enjoy the pictures and the movie!

Belive it or not, there is a wi-fi connection at our camping site at Lake Naivasha!! 
And even a bar where they serve cold beer :D Yesterday we went on a boat trip on the 
lake where we saw hippos, which are the most uglycute animals I've ever seen, and we
also watched eagles hunting for fish (So cool. Totally awesome. Best hunters ever)!!

Today there was a optional activity to bike to the Hells Gate National Park for 55$, 
the scenery is supposedly beautiful there and there was also a chance of seeing some 
animals. But we thought that it was a bit to expensive and somehow beyond our budget 
so we skipped it and took a calm day at our camping site instead (we really needed 
the rest since we haven't had a good night sleep since we arrived in Africa!). 

David is having a slight cold and is resting in our tent at the moment, while I have 
been watching some hippos from the shore of the lake and drinking a couple of 
cold beers :) Just wanted to give you all small update, lunch is soon to be served by 
our excellent chef Godfreid so I'll better be of to our camping site!!

Before I log of I would like to present to you David "Livsnjutarn" Amberntsson:



maasai boy

We have now left wonderful Uganda (both of us fell in love with this 
central African country!) and taken the next step on our trip to 
Nairobi in Kenya. We travelled by bus for about 13 hours from Kampala 
to Nairobi and for being lazy muzungus (white people) as we are, we 
booked the only two VIP seats in the front of the bus :) 
The seats were more like couches than seats! :P We reached the border 
around 01:30 am, and of course we missed that we had to print our 
e-visas.... People were running around like crazy to help us find a 
computer with wi-fi (a countryside border in Africa isn't the most 
hi-tech place on earth...), it ended up with David turning his 4G on 
his cell phone (expensive!) so we could log on the Kenyan e-visa site 
and show to the immigration officer. Anyhow after about an hour of
chaos we were on the road again, now in Kenya! :D
We arrived in Nairobi around 10:00 am in the morning and took a cab 
to the hotel we were told to go to by the Safari company. In about 
30 minutes we have a start-up meeting for the 12 days camping safari 
which will take us around Kenya into Tanzania. A brief list of the 
places we will visit during these 12 days are

 - Nairobi
 - Lake Naivasha (lots of hippos and flamingos)
   Maasai village (we will sleep in the village, this is the highlight
   for me!! :D)
 - Masai Mara (the big national park in Kenya. We heard that the "Great
   migrations is going at the moment, it would be huge bonus if we would
   see it!!)
 - Lake Victoria (we will camp by the brink of the river)
 - Serengeti (the big national park in Tanzania)
 - Ngorongoro crater (we will camp on the edge of the crater before
   we the next day drive into the crater and watch the animals living

Since we will be camping in tents out in the bush for the entire time of 
this Safari trip, there will be lack of internet connection so this will 
be our last post for a while! It's easy to say that we are excited for 
it to start! Anyhow now are of to meet the others who are joinig us on 
this trip.

Over and out! Kuwa na kila mtu :D

One of the big things we had booked before this trip was the Gorilla trekking 
in the -Bwindi Impenetrable National Rain Forest in Uganda. This activity was 
during three days (2nd-4th).

We were supposed to be picked up at our hostel at 07:00 in the morning. At 07:00 
we waited outside the hostel but no one where there to pick us up... I tried to 
call the company many times but they didn´t pick up. We kept on waiting and at 07:30 
we started to get really bad feelings. Had we been fooled/ scammed/ tricked? Did the 
company even exist?

After one hour waiting Rabi had some contact with out driver from the day before and 
he wanted to help us. So he also tried to call the company and he was able to reach 
them and it turned out that there was a guy waiting at another hostel! The driver told 
him the right address and about 10min later the new driver picked us up at our hostel.

Good start on that adventure as well!!!

The journey to the rain forest was about 9 hours in a car (no there was no AC). At the 
first glimpse of the rain forest in the mountains both of us was just shocked, it was so 
beautiful. Our lodge was located at the very brink of the rain forest on the top of a hill 
and the view from there was just truly breathtaking, Just sitting and drinking beer and 
listen to all the noises from the forest was cool. It's easy to say that we where very 
excited for what the following day had to offer!

We set the alarm at 5:30 (say whaaat?!) the day after, had a breakfast and then we set off 
to the starting point. We got a short briefing on how to behave with the gorillas before we
were divided into smaller groups and headed out into the jungle.

There is no use in trying to describe the rest of the adventure because to be honest there 
are no words that can describe it. And the pictures won't even tell 1/10 of the story, it 
just needs to be experienced in real life! But anyhow we will upload a couple of pictures 
for you to enjoy :)

Tomorrow we are invited to mass at a local church in Kampala, this will be interesting! :)

UPDATE - Pictures added (press here)

I wish i could say that this journey started of calm and easy and that 
everything went according to plan, but unfortunately that´s not exactly 
what happened.

Everything began so good! I got a ride from my friend Cecilia to the 
airport and Rabi got a ride from his family.  So we both met at Arlanda 
early in the morning on the 31st.

Flight nr 1: Stockholm - Bryssel
Layover 1 hour
Flight nr 2: Bryssel - Kampala (in Uganda).

We got on the first plane and when it was a few minutes until takeoff 
the captain announced that the only remaining thing before take off was 
to refuel the plane. Time went by and after some time the captain said 
that the fuel-car went out of fuel and that it was gonna come back with 
more fuel.

Several minutes later the captain once again said that the plane now 
had fuel but we missed out slot-time so now we had to wait for 45min 
until we could take off. Since we only had 1 hour  layover in 
Bryssels until the next flight we knew we were going to miss the 
second flight. Rabi befriended a lady on the airplane who also was on 
her way to Kampala (she works for the Swedish embassy in Uganda),
according to her there was no chance of catching our connection flight 
in Bryssels...if that flight wasn't delayed also...which it was 
(believe it or not) so we made it with the next flight! :D YAAY!
Sadly our luggage didn't make it with the flight... 

But we had a nice suprise when we arrived in Kampala, Rabis sister 
(who knows Africa in and out) had sorted out so one of her contacts/
friends in Uganda met us up at the airport. He and his friend drove 
us to our hostel, took us out for dinner, we played some pool, they 
even picked us up the day after and drove us around for some 
sighteseeing. One of those places was the source of the Nile by
Lake Victoria. These guys were amazing and made our first days in 
Africa much more entertaining! They also drove us back to the airport 
so we could pick up our delayed lugages, which was good becuase I 
really needed a new t-shirt (according to Rabi I was stinking like a 
pig after traveling for 3 days in the same shirt...sensivitve guy).

So the trip didnt start exactly as we expected, but our luck turned and 
now everything is awesome! Pictures of everything will come but the 
internet is soooo slow!

This evening we came back from the Gorilla trekking, and you´ll find out 
much more about that in the next post (cliffhanger).

During the last weeks we've said goodbye to a lot of people. 
We came to Oskarshamn 1,5 years ago as strangers, but when we left 
last weekend we felt like leaving our family. It is amazing how 
people that you don't even know one day can suddenly become your 
closest friends and family. Saying farewell to those people wasn´t 
easy, but we find comfort in knowing that it's not the last time we 
meet. To all you people that we've gotten to know....
you haven't seen the last of us yet!! :) 
(Wyyyyyckmaaan värm poolen och sätt ölen på kylning lagom till 

Today is three days left until departure and we couldn't be more 
excited for the trip. We are currently in our hometowns (Västerås 
and Olofström/Karlshamn) spending time with our families. 
Everything is prepared with the equipment and the only thing 
remaining is packing the bags.

Some people might wonder "How are they gonna make the Kilimanjaro 
climb?". Well...fear no more! We´ve been climbing the massive 
mountain Hjortberget (height approximately 41m) in Oskarshamn 
5 times with a packing weight of 10kg so it´s gonna be fine! 
I think that´s a pretty fair comparison...

At lastly we just wanna say....
My colleagues are better than yours!

Last Saturday we had a BBQ-party at our place and invited our closest 
colleagues that we´ve been working with the last 1,5 years here in 
Oskarshamn. We would like to thank all the people that came! 
We truly had a blast and hope that everybody went home that evening 
with the same smile on their face as we had. A really amazing evening!

Some general information regarding the trip!
All the gear is now purchased and all that´s left to buy is just small 
things like mosquito repellent, sunscreen etc. Couldn´t be more excited 
for the trip!!!

Today it´s only 45 days left until departure and we´re starting to get 
mixed feelings about leaving this place. All the amazing people we have 
got to known during our time here has been absolutely amazing, who would 
have known that this little town had so many cool people?

Check out some pictures from our BBQ-party in the Picture section, or 
just click HERE to save half a second.


We get a lot of questions regarding our trip and one of the most 
frequent one is which planned activities we have. So here´s an 
overview of the things we have booked/planned to do (so far).

Plans for Africa

▪ 3 days Gorilla Safari (Uganda)
▪ 12 days Camping Safari (Kenya & Tanzania)
▪ 8 days Climb Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
▪ Take scuba diving licence in Zanzibar (Tanzania)
▪ White water rafting in the Victoria Falls (Zambia)
▪ Baz Bus throughout the coast of South Africa (South Africa)

Plans for South America

▪ 4 days Climb by the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (Peru)
▪ Explore the Amazon Rainforest (Bolivia)
We have a pretty organized route for Africa and the reason for such a 
thorough planning is due to the Machu Picchu climb in South America. 
That climb needs to be booked many months in advance due to daily permit 
limits, and the longer we wait the worse weather/conditions it will be in 
Peru. Therefore we had to set a date to do the climb and try the best to 
organize the trip until then as good as possible.