During the last weeks we've said goodbye to a lot of people. 
We came to Oskarshamn 1,5 years ago as strangers, but when we left 
last weekend we felt like leaving our family. It is amazing how 
people that you don't even know one day can suddenly become your 
closest friends and family. Saying farewell to those people wasn´t 
easy, but we find comfort in knowing that it's not the last time we 
meet. To all you people that we've gotten to know....
you haven't seen the last of us yet!! :) 
(Wyyyyyckmaaan värm poolen och sätt ölen på kylning lagom till 

Today is three days left until departure and we couldn't be more 
excited for the trip. We are currently in our hometowns (Västerås 
and Olofström/Karlshamn) spending time with our families. 
Everything is prepared with the equipment and the only thing 
remaining is packing the bags.

Some people might wonder "How are they gonna make the Kilimanjaro 
climb?". Well...fear no more! We´ve been climbing the massive 
mountain Hjortberget (height approximately 41m) in Oskarshamn 
5 times with a packing weight of 10kg so it´s gonna be fine! 
I think that´s a pretty fair comparison...

At lastly we just wanna say....
My colleagues are better than yours!

4 thoughts on “One end and one beginning…(T-minus 3 days)

  1. Ilona says:

    Hej !!!!!!
    Så jävla ledsen att jag inte haft möjlighet att ta förväl men jag önskar er en super duper dunder grym resa och ser verkligen framemot att få följa med er spännande äventyr här på bloggen! Ha det as najs nu grabbar, njuuuuut och ta hand om varandra! Stor kram!
    Hälsningar från Italien 😉


  2. Emma says:

    Ha det så jäkla gött och glöm inte skriva nåt SÅ FORT NI CYKLAT KLART 😉


  3. Wyckman says:

    Now the Journey begins…målgången tar vi här med bad och öl i Maj!
    Ha det gutt nu mina pojkar!!


  4. Kontorshäxan says:

    Ha de såååå j-a kul nu! Kramar från mamma på kontoret


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