UPDATE - Pictures added (press here)

I wish i could say that this journey started of calm and easy and that 
everything went according to plan, but unfortunately that´s not exactly 
what happened.

Everything began so good! I got a ride from my friend Cecilia to the 
airport and Rabi got a ride from his family.  So we both met at Arlanda 
early in the morning on the 31st.

Flight nr 1: Stockholm - Bryssel
Layover 1 hour
Flight nr 2: Bryssel - Kampala (in Uganda).

We got on the first plane and when it was a few minutes until takeoff 
the captain announced that the only remaining thing before take off was 
to refuel the plane. Time went by and after some time the captain said 
that the fuel-car went out of fuel and that it was gonna come back with 
more fuel.

Several minutes later the captain once again said that the plane now 
had fuel but we missed out slot-time so now we had to wait for 45min 
until we could take off. Since we only had 1 hour  layover in 
Bryssels until the next flight we knew we were going to miss the 
second flight. Rabi befriended a lady on the airplane who also was on 
her way to Kampala (she works for the Swedish embassy in Uganda),
according to her there was no chance of catching our connection flight 
in Bryssels...if that flight wasn't delayed also...which it was 
(believe it or not) so we made it with the next flight! :D YAAY!
Sadly our luggage didn't make it with the flight... 

But we had a nice suprise when we arrived in Kampala, Rabis sister 
(who knows Africa in and out) had sorted out so one of her contacts/
friends in Uganda met us up at the airport. He and his friend drove 
us to our hostel, took us out for dinner, we played some pool, they 
even picked us up the day after and drove us around for some 
sighteseeing. One of those places was the source of the Nile by
Lake Victoria. These guys were amazing and made our first days in 
Africa much more entertaining! They also drove us back to the airport 
so we could pick up our delayed lugages, which was good becuase I 
really needed a new t-shirt (according to Rabi I was stinking like a 
pig after traveling for 3 days in the same shirt...sensivitve guy).

So the trip didnt start exactly as we expected, but our luck turned and 
now everything is awesome! Pictures of everything will come but the 
internet is soooo slow!

This evening we came back from the Gorilla trekking, and you´ll find out 
much more about that in the next post (cliffhanger).

One thought on “Rough start!!

  1. Ert största fan says:

    Ni sköter er! Ser fram emot bilder 😁🤙


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