One of the big things we had booked before this trip was the Gorilla trekking 
in the -Bwindi Impenetrable National Rain Forest in Uganda. This activity was 
during three days (2nd-4th).

We were supposed to be picked up at our hostel at 07:00 in the morning. At 07:00 
we waited outside the hostel but no one where there to pick us up... I tried to 
call the company many times but they didn´t pick up. We kept on waiting and at 07:30 
we started to get really bad feelings. Had we been fooled/ scammed/ tricked? Did the 
company even exist?

After one hour waiting Rabi had some contact with out driver from the day before and 
he wanted to help us. So he also tried to call the company and he was able to reach 
them and it turned out that there was a guy waiting at another hostel! The driver told 
him the right address and about 10min later the new driver picked us up at our hostel.

Good start on that adventure as well!!!

The journey to the rain forest was about 9 hours in a car (no there was no AC). At the 
first glimpse of the rain forest in the mountains both of us was just shocked, it was so 
beautiful. Our lodge was located at the very brink of the rain forest on the top of a hill 
and the view from there was just truly breathtaking, Just sitting and drinking beer and 
listen to all the noises from the forest was cool. It's easy to say that we where very 
excited for what the following day had to offer!

We set the alarm at 5:30 (say whaaat?!) the day after, had a breakfast and then we set off 
to the starting point. We got a short briefing on how to behave with the gorillas before we
were divided into smaller groups and headed out into the jungle.

There is no use in trying to describe the rest of the adventure because to be honest there 
are no words that can describe it. And the pictures won't even tell 1/10 of the story, it 
just needs to be experienced in real life! But anyhow we will upload a couple of pictures 
for you to enjoy :)

Tomorrow we are invited to mass at a local church in Kampala, this will be interesting! :)

One thought on “Gorilla trekking (Bwindi Impenetrable National Park)

  1. Olivia says:

    Hallå! Kan ni uppdatera på FB också om att ni skriver inlägg ibland? 🙂

    Fän vad näjz med Afrika! Hälsa till girafferna ! Speciellt de som slickar på träd 😉


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