maasai boy

We have now left wonderful Uganda (both of us fell in love with this 
central African country!) and taken the next step on our trip to 
Nairobi in Kenya. We travelled by bus for about 13 hours from Kampala 
to Nairobi and for being lazy muzungus (white people) as we are, we 
booked the only two VIP seats in the front of the bus :) 
The seats were more like couches than seats! :P We reached the border 
around 01:30 am, and of course we missed that we had to print our 
e-visas.... People were running around like crazy to help us find a 
computer with wi-fi (a countryside border in Africa isn't the most 
hi-tech place on earth...), it ended up with David turning his 4G on 
his cell phone (expensive!) so we could log on the Kenyan e-visa site 
and show to the immigration officer. Anyhow after about an hour of
chaos we were on the road again, now in Kenya! :D
We arrived in Nairobi around 10:00 am in the morning and took a cab 
to the hotel we were told to go to by the Safari company. In about 
30 minutes we have a start-up meeting for the 12 days camping safari 
which will take us around Kenya into Tanzania. A brief list of the 
places we will visit during these 12 days are

 - Nairobi
 - Lake Naivasha (lots of hippos and flamingos)
   Maasai village (we will sleep in the village, this is the highlight
   for me!! :D)
 - Masai Mara (the big national park in Kenya. We heard that the "Great
   migrations is going at the moment, it would be huge bonus if we would
   see it!!)
 - Lake Victoria (we will camp by the brink of the river)
 - Serengeti (the big national park in Tanzania)
 - Ngorongoro crater (we will camp on the edge of the crater before
   we the next day drive into the crater and watch the animals living

Since we will be camping in tents out in the bush for the entire time of 
this Safari trip, there will be lack of internet connection so this will 
be our last post for a while! It's easy to say that we are excited for 
it to start! Anyhow now are of to meet the others who are joinig us on 
this trip.

Over and out! Kuwa na kila mtu :D

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