Belive it or not, there is a wi-fi connection at our camping site at Lake Naivasha!! 
And even a bar where they serve cold beer :D Yesterday we went on a boat trip on the 
lake where we saw hippos, which are the most uglycute animals I've ever seen, and we
also watched eagles hunting for fish (So cool. Totally awesome. Best hunters ever)!!

Today there was a optional activity to bike to the Hells Gate National Park for 55$, 
the scenery is supposedly beautiful there and there was also a chance of seeing some 
animals. But we thought that it was a bit to expensive and somehow beyond our budget 
so we skipped it and took a calm day at our camping site instead (we really needed 
the rest since we haven't had a good night sleep since we arrived in Africa!). 

David is having a slight cold and is resting in our tent at the moment, while I have 
been watching some hippos from the shore of the lake and drinking a couple of 
cold beers :) Just wanted to give you all small update, lunch is soon to be served by 
our excellent chef Godfreid so I'll better be of to our camping site!!

Before I log of I would like to present to you David "Livsnjutarn" Amberntsson:



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