Our 12 days camping safari trough out Kenya and Tanzania came to an end today... :( Being 
out in the wilderness of Africa amongst the animals, in a Maasai village sitting around the 
campfire and listening to the cheif talking about their history and culture and then 
sleeping under the stars, capture the first glimpse of sunlight on the Savannah and getting 
some real "African massage" (bumpy roads) together with some really cool people is just way 
too much fun/awesomeness to put down into words!!! Sitting in that car, watching the animals 
and just trying to absorb the scenery at same time is just something we will never forget. 
Of course the pictures wont justify our experience but as always we will upload some for you!

We've done a lot of filming with the GoPro camera, but since our schedule has been really 
busy with all the planned activities we had for Africa we haven't had the time to create 
any movies yet. During our 2,5 weeks of travels (wow time really flies!)  this is actually 
our second only day that we havent had anything planned! We have been working on a video, 
but since neither me or Rabi has made any movie before it takes a bit of a time... 
But we are uploading the movie as we speak :D (The video covers our first days in Uganda)

Tomorrow we travel to Moshi (a small town) to prepare for our climb to the summit of 
Kilimanjaro! This is also our last pre-planned activity for Africa.

Hope you will enjoy the pictures and the movie!

2 thoughts on “Back to civilization!

  1. Ilona says:

    Fan vad najs ni verkar ha det !!! Här i Sverige har hösten kommit, inte alls lika trevligt!😝 Ha det gött grabbar och hitta inte på allt för mycket bus ;)))


  2. Nicke says:

    Helt underbart att se er grabbar och vilken mästerligt ihopsatt video! keep em coming 🙂


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