Right now we´re just hanging out in Zanzibar. We spend two days of exploring in Stone Town 
which was pretty cool. Then we went to the east coast of Zanzibar to just chill. 

We currently live in an awesome hostel and everything is just great. The sand at the beach 
is like flour. It´s white and you can't hardly see any corns. The ocean has a perfect 
turquoise colour and of course the sun is doing it´s thaaang. The atmosphere at the hostel 
is super chill, we could easily have spent a whole month here... 

We just said goodbye to Damien which was a bit sad, but hopefully it wont be 2,5 years 
until next time we meet again :)

Will start our diving course tomorrow. I had some free hotel nights that are about to expire, 
so we booked the coming 4 nights at a luxury resort right by the diving center! Flashbackers ;)

During this days in Zanzibar we wont doing much blog posting. The reason for that is 
pretty obvious....Who wants to sit by the computer when you´re in paradise? ;)

See you soon! (sneak peak pictures)


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