12 days in paradise goes by fast (way too fast!!). It´s now time for us to say goodbye 
to Tanzania (buhu we really liked it here...) and say hello to Zambia!

We´ve had such a good time here in Zanzibar and can highly recommend anyone going here 
for vacation (if you are the kind of person who likes crystal clear turquoise water, 
white beaches and a chill vibe!)

Since our last post we´ve taken scuba diving licence (PADI) and been to a full moon party 
in the north of the island. Taking the PADI was a lot of fun and even though we didn´t 
see thaaat many unique animals we still saw a sea turtle and a lion fish :) (Rabi almost 
finished his oxygen tube out of excitement when he saw the turtle...). We were 3 ppl doing
the PADI course togheter, we were joined by Angelica which is a cool swiss girl :D
Some pictures from the diving.

The full moon party wasn´t that special actually. Basically just a regular party but with 
a bit more people. 

We have both really enjoyed our time here in Zanzibar! Now sitting with a beer in our hands 
in Stonetown, gazing out over the Indian Ocean and waiting on the ferry to take us to 
Dar Es Salaam, we are both reflecting on how we our coming back here in the 
future (with a respective next time of course! ;)

Zanzibar is a awesome place with some awesome people but now we are of to our next 
destination: Zambia and Victoria falls!! :)

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