So we only had 5 days in Zambia, but these were one of the most intense 5 days in our lifes 
(both good and bad)!! The journey from Zanzibar to Livingstone in Zambia took almost 30h, 
not our longest journey but probably one of the toughest ones, but I wont bore you with the 
details but there was a lot of none sleeping in extremely tight "seats" going on! :D

Anyways when we got to Livingstone by the Victoria falls we booked a couple of adventure 
experiences, but little did we know that we would be closer to death than ever before! :/

The first thing we booked was a swim in the "Devil's pool", which is a naturally created 
"pool" right by the edge of the Victoria falls... head to the pictures section to see that 
I really mean by "THE EDGE" of the falls! :D I almost jumped down the falls when a fish bit 
my foot (that would have made Pulitzer price GoPro video tho!). After a lot of manhood 
proving and saying prayers for one's self, we were served a "3 star Micheline" breakfast on 
small island with views of the falls. Afterwards we took a stroll in the national park and 
watched the falls from the side you are supposed to watch them. The park is full of baboons, 
and one them tried to grab Davids backpack....bad chooice amigo! It was almost the last 
thing that baboon did in his life since me and David went all John J. Rambo on his ass and 
chased him with wooden poles trough the woods!

In the afternoon we took a sunset boat ride (a.k.a booze cruise) on the Zambezi river, it 
was a free bar and the losers let us on... HA HA jokes on them. Before we got to intoxicated 
we saw some hippos and an elephant crossing the river right by our boat, pretty cool!

Last but not least we went for some rafting on the Zambezi river: 
"Zambezi white water rafting has been classified by the British Canoe Union as Grade 5 – 
which is extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, steep gradients, big drops and 
Sounds perfect for 2 guys who barely knows how to swim! :D 
We went for the full day of course which covers all 25 rapids. Rapid #4 a.k.a "Morning 
glory" almost sent us to our maker (or at least me, I haven't said this to anyone yet but I 
might have had a small leak in the water after our raft flipped :/ ). But we lived to fight 
another day! In our raft we had this crazy South African (a shout out to Stephen Marais!) 
who made it his life mission to flip the raft in every rapid, and me and David didn't want 
to be lesser mens so we joined the crazy club, mouhaha! Halfway trough, at lunch, a girl 
from Austria and an American fellow decided to jump the ship and quitted!! :D haha (I know 
I shouldn't laugh, but. . . . . :P ). This just gave us "more air under our wings" 
(a swedish saying) and at the end we went trough a rapid even without our raft (we just 
jumped out of it!). At one point we had a helicopter flying trough the canyon just a couple 
of meters above our heads!! We all wished we were Maverick from top gun at that point.
This was one of the most intense, fun and, at certain moments, terrifying days in our 

After all the adventure and a couple of late nights at a local bar with live music we 
were drained of energy the last day and we decided to just relax at the hostel by the 
pool. I took the time and did cornrows with my hair at hair saloon and David somehow 
managed to cut his own hair into a pretty good haircut :D

We have actually already left Zambia for South Africa and I'm writing this post in 
Durban (someone described Durban as the "Miami" of South Africa)! It is a cloudy day 
so we decided to use this time to catch up with blog and plan our 3 weeks here in 
South Africa with our latest crew member "The Flying Wyckman" a.k.a VW Vivo. Yup we 
rented a car at the airport in Johannesburg and last night drove for 6 hours to the 
south-east coast! :D We will drive along the coast of South Africa all the way down 
to Cape Town. The original plan was to go with bus, but car rental is so cheap in 
South Africa so we changed the plans, this gives us more freedom to stop where ever 
we please and go when ever we want :)

While I've been writing this post David has been busy finding out what to do a cloudy 
day in Durban, and it seems he has a plan for us so I'm off! 

Take care now, bye bye then!

Ps. in the pictures section the pics from the Devil's pool are seprated from the ones 
from the rafting!

One thought on “Zambia – 5 days of near death experience!

  1. Olivia says:

    Time to update boyzzz!!!


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