Who are we? (Censured version)

This is our history (…in the making)

Two random guys. With not a clue who the other one was. Thrown into
a house in the small but beautiful city of Oskarshamn in Sweden.
With one mission. Secure the production launch of Scanias new
generation truck.
What could possibly go wrong? (or right…)

Well except from…… picking up the long forgotten college drinking
skills, fooling around each weekend (and many weekdays also….),
become inventory of Pub Kråkan (Pub Crow), taking a random cruise
ship to freezing Latvia, travel 1 hour to another city just to eat
breakfast on a hangover day, visit an amusement park in Gothenburg
and win more chocolate and candy than two guys can carry, bring all
the chocolate and candy to Greece on a last minute booked trip,
falling asleep while biking and hitting a traffic sign (might have
happened while intoxicated), feeding a hedgehog a kebabrulle,
buying 2 motorcycles, taking motorcycle license, crashing one bike,
buying a new bike, jump and swim naked in the Baltic Sea 3 o’clock
in the morning, drink too much beer, drink way too much beer,
become fat by drinking unhealthy amounts of beer (med glimten i ögat
mamma och pappa!), walk in the footsteps of Beatles in Liverpool and
watch the greatest game of all (Liverpool FC - Manchester United),
make a lot of new friends (hopefully some for the rest of our lives),
taking a ski trip to Sälen with King Wyckman, become drunk,
get banned from the ski lift, become famous, stage dive from the
scene at the After Ski (true story), celebrate St Patricks day in 
Stockholm, get hold of tickets to the final in the Swedish hockey 
championship, fall in love, disappoint some but put a smile on the 
face of others……not very much!
Now a year and a half later, with a lifetime of memories richer,
lots of new relationships and an unhealthy amount of laughing, the
only thing that remains is 2 guys and 1 trip.
P.S. Head over to the “Picture” section and have a glimpse of our time
in Oskarshamn! =)

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