We get a lot of questions regarding our trip and one of the most 
frequent one is which planned activities we have. So here´s an 
overview of the things we have booked/planned to do (so far).

Plans for Africa

▪ 3 days Gorilla Safari (Uganda)
▪ 12 days Camping Safari (Kenya & Tanzania)
▪ 8 days Climb Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
▪ Take scuba diving licence in Zanzibar (Tanzania)
▪ White water rafting in the Victoria Falls (Zambia)
▪ Baz Bus throughout the coast of South Africa (South Africa)

Plans for South America

▪ 4 days Climb by the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (Peru)
▪ Explore the Amazon Rainforest (Bolivia)
We have a pretty organized route for Africa and the reason for such a 
thorough planning is due to the Machu Picchu climb in South America. 
That climb needs to be booked many months in advance due to daily permit 
limits, and the longer we wait the worse weather/conditions it will be in 
Peru. Therefore we had to set a date to do the climb and try the best to 
organize the trip until then as good as possible.



Ladies and´s now official!
What once was just a dream to travel the world is starting to begin look like 

The first part of the trip is booked, the vaccination shots are injected, 
most of the gear is purchased and it´s only 100 days left to go before we 
start our travel for 8 months (ish) around the world.

The purpose of this blog is for our friends, family and other awesome 
people (Jim and Wyckman) to follow our adventure.

More information about our travel route, our gear and other preparations will 
of course be posted.

Anyways, Rabi and I are starting to get really exited and we hope that you´ll 
enjoy following us around the world!